321 Corporate Strategic Management and Ethics 

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This syllabus element takes knowledge from the first level into a contemporary business context in which excellence in management, effective risk management, sound corporate governance, and good ethics support the operation of businesses, whether private or public sector entities that are better able to meet objectives, expectations and are focused on long-term sustainable success. Students will be expected to be capable of analyzing simple scenarios in terms of good and best practice and compliance in the context of knowledge and skills that they have cumulatively developed.

Course Content

Intro to CSME    L1 Intro to CSME    L2
Strategic Position L1 Strategic Position L2 Strategic Position L3 Strategic Position L4 Strategic Position L5 Strategic Position L6 Strategic Position L7 Strategic Position L8
Risk Management L1 Risk Management L2 Risk Management L3

Strategic Choice L1
Strategic Choice L2
Strategic Choice L3
Strategic Choice L4
Strategic Choice L5
Strategic Choice L6
Strategic Choice L7
Strategic Choice L8

Strategic Implementation L1 Strategic Implementation L2 Strategic Implementation L3
Risk Management L1 Risk Management L2 Risk Management L3
Corporate Governance L1 Corporate Governance L2 Corporate Governance L3 Corporate Governance L4 Corporate Governance L5 Corporate Governance L6
Ethics L1 27:12 Ethics L2 27:12 Ethics L3 29:50 Ethics L4 27:40 Ethics L5 29:22 Ethics L6 31:54 Ethics L7 28:19 Ethics L8 15:06


Mock Exam

Course Instructor

Benedict Afiemo ACA, ACCA

“Studying this course will provide you with excellent knowledge on management, risk management, corporate governance structure and Ethics and how they support the operations of a business. At the end of this course, you will be fully equipped to pass the ICAN exam on CSME”

“Registering for this course entitles you to Pre-recorded video lectures, live sessions with me, ICAN past questions and answers, mock exam, a pocket notes to aid you in covering the whole syllabus in a shorter period and all presented to you on our very user-friendly web interface.”

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