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  • Freediving Teaches You How To Live The Moment Underwater Without Any Breathing.

    Posted by mauricioeads481 on June 4, 2021 at 1:14 am

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    <p>If you want to experience the intense pleasure of living the moment underwater then freediving is just right for you.

    You can enjoy the freedom just like the other marine life forms because you are free from artificial breathing aids. Although snorkeling is also done underwater yet you are assisted by breathing apparatus but in free diving you have no such assistance so it is more challenging.

    Just imagine diving to great depths on a single breath. However you need to take proper freediving instruction to indulge in this exciting activity.</p> <p>You don't have to dive too deep to enjoy the underwater life because most of the exciting marine lives are found at the depth of 30 feet.
    If you are properly trained up you can reach that kind of depth and come back within 45 seconds. This is enough time for you to capture and enjoy the moment. If you are an average water guy you will require hardly 14 days of freediving instruction to hone your skills.

    Regarding freediving gear you just require a couple of things which won't cost much. You will need a mask to cover your face, snorkel, fins, wetsuit and a weight belt. Your aquatic vacation will be complete with these simple yet essential accessories.</p> <p>This is a kind of sport that requires you to train your mind-set rather than strength.
    Of course you have to develop the techniques and maintain an optimum weight. You are not going against the water but into it so you have to develop a gentle approach. First you have to learn the basics and that includes the surface dive. Once you are done with it you can slip underwater with very little effort.

    Do it in a relaxed and confident manner. The depth and duration should be chosen by you because your comfort level is important. It is better if you begin with a 15 second dive. Gradually with practice you can double it up or you can even clock 45 seconds. As mentioned above to reach a depth of 30 feet you need just 45 seconds.</p> <p>You got to select a competent instructor Freediving Gear who is patient too in order to learn this aquatic sport.
    You will provide you with all the necessary guidance regarding free diving gear, Freediving Gear the basics and other essentials. Do it step-by-step and do not advance until you are confident about the last step which you did.</p>

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