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      It is fine to feed a puppy moist puppy food it is just like feeding it ordanary dry food.

      <u>How long should you feed a mastiff puppy chow?</u>
      you feed puppies puppy food till they are at least 1 yr old… then it is ok to switch to adult food…

      <b>Is it ok to feed my 10 week old puppy Natural balance Dog Food?</b>
      only if it`s puppy food by Natural balance.

      <b>Is it ok to feed cat food to puppies?</b>
      It probably won’t do them any harm, but it is not the best choice for them, nutritionally speaking. Cat food is higher in protein than dog food and can cause diarrhea. Feed your puppy a good name brand of dry puppy food.

      <i><u>Is it OK to feed puppy food to an adult dog?</u></i>
      Yes as long as your dog is very active and doesn`t get over weight.

      <i><u>Is it ok to feed your adult dog puppie food?</u></i>
      NO. This is very dangerous and can cause an adult dog to turn back into a puppy this is rare but risky.

      <b>Ok to feed chicken to a puppy?</b>
      Yes its OK to feed raw or cooked chicken to a puppy as long as its just the meat Don’t feed them any chicken bones as this can led to alot of problems for the puppy, with chicken nuggets I would only give the puppy a little as they have alot of additives in them so only as a treat now and then won’t hurt with no salt added.

      <b><u>Is it ok to feed a banana to a puppy?</u></b>
      I think so.But Yorkies like it I know that.

      Is it healthy or ok to feed a 3 month old puppy once time?
      No feed 4 to 5 times a day.

      Is it ok to feed a 3 month old puppy adult dog food?
      It’s not a good idea. His little teeth will have trouble chewing it because they are softer than an adult, and it may upset his stomach, so you may have to deal with a vomiting puppy. I suggest sticking with puppy food until at least 6 months old.

      <u>What is the best thing to feed an abandoned baby mouse?</u>
      It is best to feed an abandoned baby mouse regular or kitten/puppy milk mix diluted in water. Once it has opened its eyes it is ok to start giving it bits of solid foods like cheese, or specialized mouse food. It is best to feed an abandoned baby mouse regular or kitten/puppy milk mix diluted in water. Once it has opened its eyes it is ok to start giving it bits of solid foods like…

      <u>What if your puppy eats dog food?</u>
      I would think it would be OK I am not sure.

      Is it ok to feed a 6 week old puppy milk?
      2nd Answer: A 6 week old puppy is old enough to be fed dry puppy food (be sure to use a good name brand of puppy food). No milk of any kind is needed at this age. Never feed cow’s milk or cream, will cause diarrhea. If you feel you have to put some type of milk over the dry food, use canned milk mixed one part water to one part canned milk. But at…

      <b>What to feed a dog on a raw food diet?</b>
      ok you can feed chicken meat or goat meat.

      <u>What food do you feed guppies?</u>
      Tropical fish flakes are OK

      <b>What can you feed both rabbits and guinea pigs?</b>
      You can feed them both guinea pig food. Don’t feed the guinea pig the rabbit food or it will be sick. Rabbits are ok on guinea pig food.

      <b>It ok to feed bird food to gerbils?</b>
      The ordinary bird food is, but it is not suggested as an average diet.

      <i><u>Is natural balance ok to feed your 10 old puppy?</u></i>
      You can still see her rib and we are concerned as we feed Gracie three times daily supplying herwith water at all times.

      <b>Is it OK to give puppies puppy snack?</b>
      If they are eating solid food and the treat isn’t much bigger than their food sure

      <u><i>Can you feed a wild bird bread?</i></u>
      i feed the crow is ok, duck may need whole wheat, i usually feed them cat food

      What human food can you give your puppy?
      None. Foods that people eat are never recommended for puppies, or for adult dogs, either. While it’s OK to ocassionally feed an adult dog an ocassional treat, such as a piece of chicken or beef, it’s best to feed them a good quality dog food, one that states “nutritionally complete” on the package. And NEVER give them bones of any kind, ever! Feed puppies dog food that is specifically made for their age – the…

      <b>Is dry food ok for 포메라니안 your puppy or should you mix it with wet food?</b>
      Depends on the age of the puppy. If the puppy is under 6 weeks of age then wetting the food may be necessary. If the puppy is over 8 weeks of age then wetting the food shouldn’t be necessary but may be needed during the puppy’s teething stage depending on the number of teeth lost. If the puppy looses quite a few baby teeth near the same period of time. Then wetting the puppy’s food…

      <u><b>Is it safe to feed cats ensure?</b></u>
      Don’t feed your cat any human food/drink until a vet says it ok.

      <b>Is it OK for sheep’s to eat chicken food?</b>
      No as most chicken feed has meat meal in it.

      <u>Is it OK for 중형 강아지종류 your bunny to eat dog food?</u>
      Yes totally! I feed my bunny dog food all the time! LOL!

      <b>Is 3 times a day ok to feed your 13 week puppy?</b>
      i think it is exactly right that’s how many times a day i fed all mine

      Is Purina puppy chow ok to feed 8 wk old lab puppy?
      i also have a lab who is now 3 months old she is on puppy chow all though the vet recommends to pricier brands puppy chow is still safe for your puppy the vet i saw just said that they don’t research like other company’s and may not have some items in it but it will not hurt the puppy in anyway

      <i><u>What type of food can you give a 6 week year old puppy?</u></i>
      You can give him most things but make sure that hes not allergic to it. Also make sure that if its to big you cut it up into small pieces. OK. got it. ps. DONT FEED HIM CHOCOLATE AND RASINS

      <u><b>Is it ok to feed a 6 month old bichon frise one time a day?</b></u>
      no you should feed your dog at least 3 times a day and a puppy should be fed five or so or have the bowl down continuously

      <b>Is my puppy ok to sleep outside?</b>
      NO Your puppy may CATCH a COLD.

      <i><u>How many times should a puppy dog eat a day?</u></i>
      Personally, I find that it is best to free-feed. That is, I have a bucket that I keep full of dog food. This will get your dog used to always having food and it won’t be as protective about food as some dogs when it grows up. It might gorge itself at first but it will eventually stop and be ok. Just make sure it gets plenty of exercise.

      <b>Is it OK to feed pet turtles cat food?</b>
      Yes – it will do them no harm at all and they’ll probably love it.

      <u>Is it ok to feed turtles fish food?</u>
      No. Fish food is made for fish. Buy turtle pellets, feeder fish, fruits, etc.

      <u><i>Is it ok to leave a puppy for 6 hours?</i></u>
      well i was wondering the same thing im getting a puppy for Christmas and i don’t now if it will be ok to leave my puppy while i go work with food and water and a chew toy (8:10am – 3:00pm) it is a king Charles spaniel so can someone help me as well please i really need it thank you

      I feed my dogs human food regularly and have since they were puppies so they don’t get sick from it but is it ok for them?
      That is not good for them. Try some dog food or like Science Diet for them. It won’t hurt them but you shouldn’t feed them regular food on a regular basis.

      <u><i>What do you feed a hedgehog?</i></u>
      Try Spikes Delite Hedgehog Food. I feed it to my adults. Milk is poisonous to hedgehogs! It kills them. I think goat milk is OK though.

      <u><b>Is it ok for your puppy to sleep in the puppy pen?</b></u>
      absolutley not! thats so cruel.

      <b>Is people food ok to feed your dog?</b>
      It’s not the best to feed to them, although some food is better than others. DON’T feed them: Grapes, chocolate, raisins, cocoa, coffee, tea, mushrooms, and onions. these are not the only toxic foods for dogs. So just to be safe, stick with the dog food 🙂

      <i><u>Is it ok to feed your cat while she is close to having her kittens?</u></i>
      yes cos when they hav the food it will mak the food or the baby for when they come hope you got that

      <b>What does FDA feed chicken?</b>
      Ok FDA feeds chicken popcorn (just kidding) actuly chicken food

      <u>When is it safe to take your puppy on a walk?</u>
      When your puppy has had it last vaccination and 강아지 피부병 the vet has said it was ok.

      <u><b>Is it ok to feed the gray fox?</b></u>
      No, it is never wise to feed a wild animal. They are quite capable of finding their own food. To feed them would make them imprinted on humans as a source of food and they might lose their natural hunting ability and they would become pests. In many areas it is illegal to feed wild animals.

      <b>Is it ok to feed a puppy yorkie cooked minced beef?</b>
      If it is only beef, yes. If it contains onions, garlic, or spices, it would be better to avoid feeding it to your puppy. Onions and garlic can be toxic in dogs, and many dog’s stomachs can’t handle spiced or salted foods.

      <u><b>Is it all right to feed a bird?</b></u>
      its ok to feed a birds, bird seed or lettuce (vegetables, fruit) but not anything like chocolate, eggs, unhealthy human food ect.

      <b>Is it ok to leave a puppy outside in a doghouse during a thunderstorm?</b>
      No it is not ok . Because dogs/puppy are scared of thunder. They are animals, and animals are like human. They have live we have live. What if a human baby child is put outside the house during a thunderstorm? It is the same as puppy. So the answer is not ok. (:

      <b>Is it OK for a puppy to chase you?</b>
      Sure, the puppy is playing with you. Don’t allow it to jump on you and get aggressive though. It’s better that the puppy chases you, instead of you having to chase the puppy.

      What do black worms like to eat?
      If you’re asking about California black worms, you can feed them sinking pellets or flakes, any fish food would be OK when the food start to spoil then the worms will eat it, just be careful no to over feed.

      <b>Can red eared sliders eat oranges?</b>
      nom but my red ear slider likes eatin spenich but it ok for u to feed it brhind the coner food but feed it fish sometimes to

      <u><b>Is it ok to wet dry dog food?</b></u>
      if you are storin it – i would not recommend wetting the food but if you are about to feed the dog i usually add milk and some water. perfectly normal

      <u>Is it ok to leave my king Charles spaniel puppy while you go school?</u>
      Yepp. Leave it in a small room with Food, Water && mats for it to go to the Bathroom on.(: But when puppy gets older put the dog outside && let in after skool.33

      <b>Ok your hamster won’t eat or drink by himself how do you give him food?</b>
      give him a treat he wont usually eat then give a walk then feed dog,cat or bird food

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