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Introduction to BMF                    17:27

Business Organization L1             27:47
Business Organization L2             27:09
Business Organization L3             23:34

Organizational Structure L1        27:26
Organizational Structure L2        22:02
Organizational Structure L3        28:53
Organizational Structure L4        23:32

Business Environment L1            28:06
Business Environment L2            27:34
Business Environment L3            25:03
Business Environment L4            29:17

Role of Professional Accountant L1         29:26
Role of Professional Accountant L2         24:02

Introduction to Management Theory      33:57

Organizational Behavior L1                       27:07
Organizational Behavior L2                       31:07
Organizational Behavior L3                       28:13

Communication in Business                      23:15

Business Finance L1                      27:13
Business Finance L2                      27:13

Investment Decision L1                25:38
Investment Decision L2               38:04

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Course Instructor

Benedict Afiemo ACA, ACCA

“In this course You will gain understanding of the interactions between business environment (global and local), financial markets, entities and business professionals”

“Registering for this course entitles you my pre recorded video tutorials, live sessions with me, ICAN past questions and answers,  my mock exam, a pocket note to aid you in covering the entire syllabus effectivly in a relativly shorter period “

Free Lesson

An understanding of the business environment (global and local), markets, financial markets, entities, and organizations provides a foundation for business professionals. This subject revolves around a basic understanding of the purpose, objectives of businesses; issues of business ethics, governance, corporate social responsibility and sustainability.


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