321 Financial Accounting

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The purpose of financial accounting is to equip accounting professionals with knowledge of the essential framework of assumptions that underpin reliable reporting and the requisite skills to compile reliable financial statements for sole traders, partnerships and companies

Course Content

Overview of FA                22:36

Introduction to FA L1     26:11
Introduction to FA L2     27:59
Introduction to FA L3     22:56

Reporting of Financial Transactions L1    26:41
Reporting of Financial Transactions L2    28:57
Reporting of Financial Transactions L3    28:46
Reporting of Financial Transactions L4    20:41
Reporting of Financial Transactions L5    28:30
Reporting of Financial Transactions L6    32:21

1AS 1                  36:13

Cashbook L1                    23:52
Cashbook L2                    28:27
Cashbook L3                    28:10
Cashbook L4                    28:27

Petty Cash L1                   26:02
Petty Cash L2                   10:19

Bank Reconciliation L1                 26:34
Bank Reconciliation L2                 29:40
Bank Reconciliation L3                 18:04
Bank Reconciliation L4                 11:59
Bank Reconciliation L5                 23:38

Partnership L1                 48:41
Partnership L2                 28:16
Partnership L3                 20:35

Company Account L1                   11:13
Company Account L2                   29:08
Company Account L3                   28:35
Company Account L4                   28:08
Company Account L5                   19:59

Control Account L1                       28:47
Control Account L2                       25:14
Control Account L3                       33:37
Control Account L4                       33:29

Accruals and Repayment L1        29:10
Accruals and Repayment L2        13:56

Errors and Suspense Account L1              28:17
Errors and Suspense Account L2              25:01
Errors and Suspense Account L3              25:03
Errors and Suspense Account L4              28:27
Errors and Suspense Account L5              27:06

Incomplete Records L1                15:32
Incomplete Records L2                28:38
Incomplete Records L3                28:52
Incomplete Records L4                17:14
Incomplete Records L5                26:14

Non for-Profit Organization L1    28:16
Non for-Profit Organization L2    28:41

IAS 2      24:15

Cash Flow L1                    32:49
Cash Flow L2                    28:59
Cash Flow L3                    22:08
Cash Flow L4                    22:50
Cash Flow L5                    20:16
Cash Flow L6                    15:49
Cash Flow L7                    31:04
Cash Flow L8                    40:23
Cash Flow L9                    55:22

Property Plant and Equipment L1            27:58
Property Plant and Equipment L2            17:51
Property Plant and Equipment L3            28:59
Property Plant and Equipment L4            27:51
Property Plant and Equipment L5            15:13

Course Instructor

Adeadebayo Shuaib .A. MBA ,MSC CHARTERED


“In this course, you will learn the underlying principles and concepts of financial accounting, accounting techniques and the preparation of basic financial statements. At the end of this course You’ll develop technical proficiency in the use of double-entry techniques, including the preparation and interpretation of basic financial statements for sole traders, partnerships and more you will also be able to pass ICAN Financial Accouting Exam”

“The course materials include my prerecorded video tutorials, pocket note, live sessions and more. You will also be admitted to the course forum”
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