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Accountants play vital roles in management, especially in management decision-making. Management information deals with the production of useful information to support management decision-making. Such information includes costing, management accounting and application of quantitative methods in financial management. Management information takes an integrated approach by developing an awareness of information technology and systems support

Introduction to MI          29:57

Cost Classification L1                    27:41
Cost Classification L2                    17:20

Cost Behavior L1                           28:33
Cost Behavior L2                           29:02
Cost Behavior L3                           25:12

Accounting for Material L1          25:53
Accounting for Material L2          10:57
Accounting for Material L3          28:48
Accounting for Material L4          29:24
Accounting for Material L5          27:05
Accounting for Material L6          26:56
Accounting for Material L7          27:13
Accounting for Material L8          27:11
Accounting for Material L9          17:28

Accounting for Labor L1               32:03
Accounting for Labor L2               27:05
Accounting for Labor L3               25:41
Accounting for Labor L4               28:15
Accounting for Labor L5               26:12
Accounting for Labor L6               10:37

Accounting for Overhead L1       28:01
Accounting for Overhead L2       25:10
Accounting for Overhead L3       24:41
Accounting for Overhead L4       32:00
Accounting for Overhead L5       27:24
Accounting for Overhead L6       26:29
Accounting for Overhead L7       24:50

Absorption and Marginal Costing L1        33:34
Absorption and Marginal Costing L1        34:05

Standard Costing Variance Analysis L1     26:57
Standard Costing Variance Analysis L2     27:32

Process Costing L1          27:40
Process Costing L2          30:00
Process Costing L3          24:51
Process Costing L4          27:19
Process Costing L5          25:24
Process Costing L6          29:12
Process Costing L7          28:31
Process Costing L8          30:09
Process Costing L9          29:07
Process Costing L10        14:58

Relevant Costing L1        29:00
Relevant Costing L2        22:40
Relevant Costing L3        29:50
Relevant Costing L4        28:58
Relevant Costing L5        32:17

Course Instructor

Kolawole Ojo ACA, ACCA 

“ICAN’s Management Information paper is the fourth paper in the ICAN foundation level qualification. It is a course which aims to teach students to effectively recognize, provide and maintain management information. No previous knowledge of accounting is required to enroll in this course but at the end, you will be fully equipped to pass the exam”

“The course materials include my prerecorded video tutorials, pocket note, live sessions and more. You will also be admitted to the course forum”

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