321  Performance Management

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Performance management develops and deepens student’s capability to provide information and decision support to management in operational and strategic contexts with a focus on linking costing, management accounting and quantitative methods to critical success factors and operational strategic objectives whether financial, operational or with a social purpose. Students will be expected to be capable of analysing financial and non-financial data and information to support management decisions.

Course Content

Overview of Performance Management

Cos Estimation L1
Cos Estimation L2

Marginal & Absorption Costing L1
Marginal & Absorption Costing L1
Decision Making L1
Decision Making L2
Decision Making L3
Cost Volume Profit Analysis L1
Cost Volume Profit Analysis L2
Cost Volume Profit Analysis L3
Limiting Factor L1
Limiting Factor L2
Linear Programming L1
Linear Programming L2
Learning Curve L1
Learning Curve L2
Pricing Decision L1
Pricing Decision L2
Pricing Decision L3
Activity Based Costing L1
Activity Based Costing L2
Activity Based Costing L3
Activity Based Costing L4
Lifestyle Costing L1
Lifestyle Costing L2
Target Costing L1
Target Costing L2
Throughput Accounting L1
Throughput Accounting L2
Throughput Accounting L3
Budgeting L1 25:56
Budgeting L2 26:13
Budgeting L3 27:02
Budgeting L4 17:36
Standard Costing L1
Standard Costing L2
Standard Costing L3
Standard Costing L4
Standard Costing L5
Standard Costing L6
Performance Measurement L1
Performance Measurement L2
Responsibility Accounting L1
Responsibility Accounting L2
Responsibility Accounting L3
Transfer Pricing L1
Transfer Pricing L2
Capital Budgeting Decisions L1
Capital Budgeting Decisions L2
Capital Budgeting Decisions L3
Capital Budgeting Decisions L4
Replacement Decision
Risk & Uncertainty L1
Risk & Uncertainty L2
Strategic Performance Management L1
Strategic Performance Management L2
Working Capital Management Introduction
Receivables Management L1
Receivables Management L2
Inventory Management
Cash Management
Overview of Cost & Planning Review L1
Overview of Cost & Planning Review L2


Mock Exam

Course Instructor

Uche Ejiofor ACA, ACCA

“On completing this course, you will be fully equipped to provide information and decision to support management in operational and strategic contexts. This course covers the ICAN syllabus on paper B4 100% and provides the users with the competence to pass the ICAN Performance Management exam”

“This course comes packed-full with exciting materials like pre-recorded video lectures and a pocket note. Enrolling in this course also entitles you to live sessions with me where you ask questions and get answers in real-time. You will be required to attempt a mock exam and you will have access to the ICAN past questions & answers “
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