321 Public Sector Accounting and Finance

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This course helps you understand the public sector environment, legal framework of the and financial authorities that support the compilation of reliable financial accounts for the public sector and evaluation of the financial performance of the Nigerian economy

Course Content

Overview of PSAF          

The Constitutional & Regulatory Framework L1
The Constitutional & Regulatory Framework L2
The Constitutional & Regulatory Framework L3


Public Sector Pronouncement & Concept L1
Public Sector Pronouncement & Concept L2

Planning & Budgeting L1
Planning & Budgeting L2
Planning & Budgeting L3
Planning & Budgeting L4
Planning & Budgeting L5
Planning & Budgeting L6
Planning & Budgeting L7
Planning & Budgeting L8
Public Sector Accounting L1
Public Sector Accounting L2
Public Sector Accounting L3
Public Sector Accounting L4
Public Sector Accounting L5
Public Sector Accounting L6
Public Sector Accounting L7
Government Construction Contracts L1
Government Construction Contracts L2
Government Construction Contracts L3
Government Construction Contracts L4
Government Construction Contracts L5
Financial Statement: Cash Basis L1
Financial Statement: Cash Basis L2
Financial Statement: Cash Basis L3
Financial Statement: Cash Basis L4
Financial Statement: Cash Basis L5
Financial Statement: Cash Basis L6
Financial Statement: Cash Basis L7
Financial Statement: Accrual Basis L1
Financial Statement: Accrual Basis L2
Financial Statement: Accrual Basis L3
Financial Statement: Accrual Basis L4
Financial Statement: Accrual Basis L5
Financial Statement: Accrual Basis L6
Various IPSAS L1
Various IPSAS L2
Various IPSAS L3
Various IPSAS L4
Various IPSAS L5
Various IPSAS L6
Various IPSAS L7
Various IPSAS L8
Various IPSAS L9
Various IPSAS L10
Various IPSAS L11
Various IPSAS L12
Various IPSAS L13
Various IPSAS L14
Various IPSAS L15
Various IPSAS L16
Various IPSAS L17
Various IPSAS L18
Various IPSAS L19
Various IPSAS L20
Various IPSAS L21
Various IPSAS L22
Various IPSAS L23
Various IPSAS L24
Various IPSAS L25
Various IPSAS L26
Various IPSAS L27
Various IPSAS L28
Various IPSAS L29
Various IPSAS L30
Various IPSAS L31
Various IPSAS L32
Various IPSAS L33
Various IPSAS L34
Various IPSAS L35
Public Sector Audit L1
Public Sector Audit L2
Public Sector Audit L3
Public Sector Finance L1
Public Sector Finance L2
Public Sector Finance L3


Mock Exam

Course Instructor

Benedict Afiemo  ACA, ACCA

“In this course, you will learn about the public sector environment, legal framework and financial authorities of the Nigerian Government

At the end of this course, you will be fully equipped to pass the ICAN PSAF exam”

“Registering for this course entitles you to Pre-recorded video tutorials, live sessions with me, ICAN past questions and answers, mock exam, a pocket note and more”
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