321  Strategic Financial Management 

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Overview of SFM

Financial Environment & Role of Financial Managers L1 Financial Environment & Role of Financial Managers L2 Financial Environment & Role of Financial Managers L3 Financial Environment & Role of Financial Managers L4
Cost of Capital L1 Cost of Capital L2 Cost of Capital L3 Cost of Capital L4
Beta Factor L1 Beta Factor L2
Capital Budgeting L1 Capital Budgeting L2 Capital Budgeting L3 Capital Budgeting L4 Capital Budgeting L5 Capital Budgeting L6
Adjusted Present Value L1 Adjusted Present Value L2
Capital Rationing & Replacement L1 Capital Rationing & Replacement L2 Capital Rationing & Replacement L3 Capital Rationing & Replacement L4 Capital Rationing & Replacement L5
Lease L1 Lease L2
Capital Structure L1 Capital Structure L2
CAPM & Portfolio Theory L1 CAPM & Portfolio Theory L2
Currency Hedging Forex L1 Currency Hedging Forex L2 Currency Hedging Forex L3 Currency Hedging Forex L4 Currency Hedging Forex L5
International Investment Decision
Option Valuation L1 Option Valuation L2
Interest Rate Hedging L1 Interest Rate Hedging L2 Interest Rate Hedging L3
Business Valuation L1 Business Valuation L2 Business Valuation L3
Free Cashflow Model L1 Free Cashflow Model L2 Free Cashflow Model L3
Economic Value Added L1 Economic Value Added L2 Economic Value Added L3
Merger & Acquisition L1 Merger & Acquisition L2 Merger & Acquisition L3 Merger & Acquisition L4
Dividend Policy
Bond Pricing
Source of Finance
General & Asset Valuation Standards L1 General & Asset Valuation Standards L2
Islamic Finance



Mock Exam

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Uche Ejiofor ACA, ACCA

“I have provided insight on foreign exchange transactions, business valuations, cost of capital, Mergers and Acquisitions and much more. At the end of this course you will be issued a mock examination. The objective of this course is to ensure you excel in your ICAN exam while equipping you with the requisite knowledge necessary to enable you make proper financing, investing, operating and dividend decisions”

“The lessons in this course are designed for professional level ICAN students who are on the brink of becoming chartered accountants.To gain better understanding of this course, it is important that you pay careful attention while watching our pre-recorded video tutorilas. the pocket note and past questions and answers also serve as an important course material necessary to broaden your understanding of the course. Remember our course forum is open for your questions.”
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